Problems with your Sim Card? Learn to protect and solve Sim problems

You can also manually enable and disable ‘Airplane Mode’ a few times to see if the SIM is recognized. Otherwise, you will need to replace the SIM card. Also, if you go to the ‘SIM Settings’ on your phone, you will see that there is no SIM card available on your phone.

– Click the Run the troubleshooter button. Microphone troubleshoot on Troubleshoot settings – Continue with the on-screen directions. We hope this information helped you to resolve your microphone too quiet Windows 10 issue by using Microphone boost feature.

Check Your Microphone Driver

This problem was with input on my Realtek HD sound card. This adds a new volume control to your Master Volume. And, sure enough, you will probably see that it is muted and the volume is at 0%. Click that and you’ll get an option to check off Microphone Boost. If this was true, why is half of the recording section grayed out?

  • Navigate to the Playback tab, and then select the speaker that you want to change audio format and click on Properties at the bottom.
  • Now check to see if your microphone has started working.
  • Wires could be replaced although no obvious visible or resistance issues.

To fix microphone not working on Windows 10, here are 5 suggestions. Have you ever suffer the problem that the microphone is not working when you are trying to make a video call with your friend? MiniTool Solutions offers you five simple ways to get out of it. Scroll down this pane and make sure the volume is not set at 0. Click on OK and Apply buttons to save the changes. If your Realtek audio is not working, and the manual methods on how to fix Realtek not working problem doesn’t work for you, it’s time to go for the Automated Method.

Win10 Pro; all MS updates; all other apps work but not Zoom for speakers. These settings allow you to join the Zoom call with your video and audio automatically enabled. Try leaving the Zoom meeting and joining again, but this time leave the audio and video settings unchecked. You can select any or all these options to give Zoom authorization to use your microphone, and then check if the audio works again. Scroll down and you will find “Input” section.

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Also, messages from others will be delayed to your phone. Your phone calls will be interrupted most of the time. These are some major indication that the SIM card is damaged. You pop open your cell for the past 30+ years and insert a chip into the empty slot.

In case, it does not have any microphone listing, chances are your microphone is damaged or there are driver issues. I have explained how to update the audio driver in the last section of this article so go through that. Only new-style apps from the Store appear here. Your PC may choose any different microphone or speaker as its default device and when you may use another speaker and microphone in the meeting. Hence, either change the default microphone & speaker on your PC or use the default microphone & speaker in Zoom meetings to avoid problems. Here are a few steps to set up the default speaker & microphone to fix Zoom audio not working Windows 10 issue.

I am sure It has to do with how the bottom mic is positioned to my mouth as it’s very easy to move off target. I have now resorted to always use earbuds as there seems to be no fix anytime soon. Everyone complains about my voice getting garbled. Ive taken the cover off and it seems to help a bit but problem still occurs.