Korean singles are not individuals we’re accustomed big date. Obtained their very own traditions and traditions, of course you’ve never been aware of the White and dark times, programs for counting the time of relationships, bouquets manufactured from chupa-chups as an indication of love and black noodles as an indication of despair, then you certainly need certainly to study the article. 

Is a quick guide about whatever you should know whenever online dating with Koreans:

1. A special individual arranges dates

Koreans learn tough and genuinely believe that knowledge is more crucial than intimate relationships. In Korea, there are many schools where training for children is separate, so rather frequently children don’t have a lot of experience in chatting with the alternative gender. Should they wish to continue a romantic date, they inquire about the aid of a pal just who organizes it, therefore playing the role of matchmaker for his friends and associates.

Korean students often have 3 by 3 or 5 by 5 times. Actually colleges have lounges where in actuality the organizers of such group meetings pick-up those people that would you like to satisfy, eg, three dudes in one faculty and three girls from another. Typically, they gather in a bar and play liquor games, and, if someone wants both, they trade figures.

2. Koreans have actually numerous getaways for those in love

They carry out commemorate romantic days celebration, obviously. But in addition to this practice, the Koreans delivered something of one’s own engrossed: about this time, they offer chocolate to their cherished, and simply women exercise.

March 14 will be the light time. It originated from Japan, where a confectionery organization introduced the custom of thanking girls for candy with white marshmallows. These days, extremely common giving numerous presents and candies with the friends. With this time, men must purely stick to the “rule of three”: give something special that will be three times higher priced than the girl gave him. 

But that is not all. There’s a Yellow time besides, might 14. Every person gowns in yellowish and provides flowers to each other (yes, both kids). June 14 will be the day’s Kissing: really considered perfect for confessing your feelings and having a brand new connection about this time. On Silver Day, July 14, it is common to exchange sterling silver rings as symbolic of long relationships and marriage programs. And December 14 is the Hug Day! find out how numerous special days for individuals crazy they’ve?

3. The dark day – a holiday for singles

The Black day is an unofficial trip for people who would not have one or two. On April 14, people who couldn’t obtain congratulations in February and March, dress in black and check-out an area restaurant, where they order jajangmyeon – noodles with black sauce. About time, they often arrange quick times or competitions like ingesting jajangmyeon, and lots of singles gather in taverns or cafes, so a few of them actually find their own love with this time.

4. It is common to depend the times that the pair spent together

For Koreans, it is common to clear up whether you’re actually matchmaking or not. Korean girls calculate the number of times have passed away considering that the recognized start of the commitment. It’s quite common to commemorate every 100 days from very first big date, plus routine wedding anniversaries. 

In order to avoid the specific situation when one of many two forgets in regards to the anniversary, obtained some software on the smartphones to rely the days of interactions. Both are able to use these programs: folks chat inside, store usual photos, and mark memorable activities from the schedule.

5. Partners wear pair looks

Couples frequently use similar or comparable clothing and get similar situations. Generally, these include wanting to reveal that they’ve been several in every single feasible method. Thus, the stores have a big selection of situations for two: from tees to phone cases. Not to mention, everyone else wears an important logo of Korean lovers – few rings, that they change for 100 times of their particular relationships.


In summary, we must point out that matchmaking Koreans is extremely interesting! They are really compassionate and learn how to kindly their own partner. Ensure that the person you came across will not allow you to commemorate the Ebony day! Just light, Yellow, and Silver days, definitely. 

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